Supplies for Stanculj family

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  • Jelena Jankovic

    30th of January. Successful action. We wrote last week about Stanculj family, and than some people applied to help them. Petra Asceric and Web Page ‘Komsiluk dobrog srca’ (neighboroughood with a good heart) sent more packages of clothes, so they could help Stanculj family. Thank you! We would also to acknowledge our gratitude to all people which shared story about this family.,with sincere wish to help them. Reminder:Ivana(20 years old), Ilija(15 years old) and Marina(12 years old) had a hard life, full of pain, they lost their father nine years ago, and mother of these children, past away a year ago. After they lost their mother,children were left on their own,only help they got from a State of Serbia is 13000 RSD per month,that is not enough for everything they need. These children live in a house made of mud, and there is a lot of moisture, it is cold and dark. They have no typical and normal life conditions and this house needs urgent renovation.Lately, they got a water installations in a house, due to a help of one man. But, they couldn’t install electricity, so they can’t live there in a winter.There is no light in the house in the evening, so at winter time, they cannot stay in this place, when it becomes dark around 16 hours p.m.Children went to sleeping by their older sister, who is married, has three biological children and one adopted. Their generosity is huge, but it’s a praesure. At this very moment, their settlement is temporary solved (there is twelve souls in this house). Children need help for renovation of their house, so they could get electricity and gain normal life conditions for school children.

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  • Dinarski: 160-535218-63
  • Devizni za EUR: 00-540-0004585.6
  • (EUR) IBAN broj RS35160005400004585675
  • Devizni za USD: 00-540-0004585.4
  • (USD) IBAN broj RS35160005400004586451


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