Supplies for Stanculj family

This is the occasion when we want to say that we are grateful to our anonimus donator, who helped Stanculj family and than we were able to by this family and some other stuff for a 4000 RSD. We wrote about family Stanculj at the and of January, and their story touched many hearts, and all of us from association ‘Help for Serbian children’, and we are eternal grateful when we can help them, thanks to You.


As you know by now, Ivana (20), Ilija (15) i and Marina (12) had a hard life full of griff and sorrow, they lost their father nine years ago, and their mother pasr away one year ago.

Nakon majčine smrti After their mother’s death, children were left by their own. Only help they got from state of Serbia is 13000 RSD per month. That is not enough for their needs.

Svakako želimo da se zahvalimo donatorima koji su omogućili ovu uspešnu akciju. We would like to show our gratitude to donors which made this action successful. We hope that You will continue with giving us your support. As always, You don’t have to do that help with us, but You can directly contact family and give them Your help and support.

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  • Dinarski: 160-535218-63
  • Devizni za EUR: 00-540-0004585.6
  • (EUR) IBAN broj RS35160005400004585675
  • Devizni za USD: 00-540-0004585.4
  • (USD) IBAN broj RS35160005400004586451


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