Groceries for Ratkovic family

Donation for family Ratkovic.We would like to thank anonimys donator on successful action for family Ratkovic! Thank You!!

We met Ratkovic family on of August 2019.year.They are from Kuršumlija. Father Dragan have for kids:ДраРадивоје (11), Немања (10), Душанка (9), Милица (7). This is the third action in a row for this family which doesn’t have very basic things often and they are eternally grateful for every kind of help they have already got.

Желели бисмо да захвалимо свим људима који су већ помогли, We would like to give our appreciation to people which already helped, but unfortunately, their battles are not over yet.Dragan was forced to leave his job, so he could take care of his very ill son. Also, they live in fear like many others, because they are aware that it’s hard time to survive now.

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