Groceries for the Ratković family

A 5,000 RSD donation for the Ratković family! We want to thank the Montažne Kuće firm who made this successful charity action possible for the Ratković family.


We met the Ratković family from Kuršumlija on August 29th, 2019. Dragan is a single parent of four children, Radivoje (11), Nemanja (10), Dušanka (9), Milica (7). This is our third successful charity action for this family who is often lacking the essentials, and they are immensely satisfied with all the help they have received.

We thank the people who have donated from the bottom of our hearts, but unfortunately the struggle is not over for the Ratković family. Dragan has had to quit in order to take care of his disabled son, so the family income is very low. Like many others, they are also concerned about sustaining themselves in these hard times.

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  • Dinarski: 160-535218-63
  • Devizni za EUR: 00-540-0004585.6
  • (EUR) IBAN broj RS35160005400004585675
  • Devizni za USD: 00-540-0004585.4
  • (USD) IBAN broj RS35160005400004586451


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