Groceries for the Martinović family

Thanks to our anonymous donor, a family who was touched by the story of the Martinović family, we were able to provide them with 8,000 RSD worth of groceries and other necessities! Our team, as well as the Martinović family, is immensely grateful for the help which was incredibly necessary at this time.

Thank you!

Unfortunately, their struggle is not over. This is the Martinović family story.

On September 19th, 2020, we met a four-member family called Martinović from Bezdan, near Sombor. Biserka is a single parent of two minor children she is fully taking care of.

The fifth grader Almir (born in 2007), and the seventh grader Dario (born in 2009), are regular pupils.

In order to protect the privacy of her children, Biserka was hesitant to take action for a long time, but the powerlessness prevailed and ultimately, she decided to let us tell her story and show you their home, in hopes of receiving help. Biserka tries really hard to provide Almir and Dario with everything they need, in all sorts of ways, but it gets harder day by day.

Porodica Martinović 1

They live in difficult conditions, even their house has no electricity sometimes. In spite of that, the Martinović family tries to feel like a perfectly normal household. The children are still having to face the lack of essentials sometimes. Therefore, we are asking you to help make these children’s lives better, if you can.

If you would like to donate, you can always get in touch with the family directly instead of contacting us.

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