Program for education of our youth from rural parts of Serbia.

So many good, hard-working and smart children suffer because of family poverty that does not allow them to acquire quality education. They are often forced to do hard physical work and miss school to earn a living. We want to break this vicious circle of poverty, and through education enable them to work from home, and invest in their environment, themselves and their future family.

What is working from home?

Working from home, through the computer, allows children to choose when, how much and when they will work. Jobs such as telemarketing for various foreign companies, IT support for American companies, marketing services to domestic and foreign companies … We are guided by the Indian principle, if an Indian from his home can provide support for some of the largest companies in the world, which would not could our people too? It also means that they will not have to do hard physical work, or do something even worse in order to be able to eat.

Who is the program for?

All young people living in Serbia that are between 15 and 25 years old and want to acquire the necessary knowledge to work for foreign companies. The program does not require any prior knowledge or any additional skills, so everyone is welcome to apply for our program. Before the start of the program, testing will be performed so that children with different levels of language, computer and other … knowledge can be divided into appropriate groups. In this way, we enable people without any prior knowledge, as well as those with some experience, to learn and progress at an appropriate pace.

What is needed?

Volunteers: Anyone who believes that an expert in a specific field (marketing, programming languages, design …) and wants to pass his knowledge to our youth. Volunteers would have the role of professors and through working with a small group of students, pass on their knowledge and experience to some new generations. In this way, we would enable all children to be able to work and practically apply the acquired knowledge, and most importantly, in this way we would bring them a secure future.

Partners: Companies, individuals who would support our project for educating children with financial and material donations. Material donations include tablets and laptops that children would use during the training. We need financial help because of the operational costs that this project brings: providing access to the Internet to children who do not have it (introduction of the Internet in schools), transportation costs to schools where classes would be held …

Our partners

Companies that have supported us so far


“Give a man a fish and you will feed him in one day, teach him to fish and you will feed him for life.”

~an old Chinese proverb

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