Several monthly supplies of food for Nemanja Apostolović

In one of the biggest donations we’ve had to date, an anonymous donor has gifted Nemanja with 24 liters of milk, as well as several packages of monthly food supplies for him. The family, alongside all of us in the Serbian Children Charity are incredibly grateful for this help.

We would also like to thank all of those who have made this donation possible, including our friends at D express, who have donated their services, allowing us to send the packages to Nemanja for free.

Thank you.

Sadly, their struggles haven’t come to an end yet. This is their story.

We’ve met the Apostolović family of six from Slavujevac in Serbia, back in May of 2019. The family consists of four children, one of which, Nemanja, suffers from a severe form of Cerebral Paralysis. Despite being 18 years old, Nemanja has to rely on his family for care and everything else in his life. Other children are happy and healthy, and regular students in their respective schools.

The parents aren’t employed and spend their days working on the family’s property. Nemanja also has to take a great amount of prescription medication, as he suffers from epilepsy, allergies, and spasms. Besides that, Nemanja can’t walk, speak, or even eat solid foods, so the family needs a lot of “baby” supplies, such as diapers, wet wipes, and baby food monthly.

Thankfully, with the help of our non-profit, the family now lives in better conditions and doesn’t have to worry about providing for Nemanja all the time. However, they’re still very much in need of help for Nemanja’s monthly needs.

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