Donating food, clothes and school supplies to the Filimonović family

We want to thank Mirjana Milojević, Milica Lazić and others who have got together, gathered food, clothes and school supplies and donated a large amount of items to the Filimonović family.

On behalf of our team and the Filimonović family, thank you for all your help because it means a lot to them.

Unfortunately, their struggle is not over. This is the Filimonović family story.

The four-member Filimonović family, i.e. the mother Ivana Filimonović from village Grabovica, near Obrenovac and her children: Aleksandar (12), Marina (11) and Đorđe (10) were exposed to domestic violence which had a significant impact on their psychophysical health.

Ever since we met this family, a lot of people came forward to help improve their living conditions. The children now live more comfortably, but they still need aid in the form of food, clothes and shoes.

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